Accellera at the 54rd Design Automation Conference

DACAccellera Breakfast & Portable Stimulus Standard Town Hall

Tuesday, June 20th
Austin Convention Center, room 10AB

With the emerging Accellera Portable Stimulus early adopter release available just prior to DAC, what can users expect? What’s in the early adopter release? When will Portable Stimulus 1.0 be available? Questions like these and more will be discussed during our user-led Town Hall discussion at the Design Automation Conference. We’ll also be discussing our goals for the early adopter release and what we hope to learn. The Town Hall will be moderated by Tom Fitzpatrick of Mentor Graphics. Participants include: Faris Khundakjie, Intel; Sanjay Gupta, Qualcomm; and Karl Whiting, AMD.

We invite you to join in the discussion following an update by Accellera Chair Lu Dai and the presentation of the Accellera Leadership Award. The Award is given to an individual who has provided active leadership and contributed significantly in the vision of EDA and IP standards development activities and the governance of Accellera Systems Initiative (and/or its precedent organizations).

The Accellera-sponsored breakfast is free to DAC attendees, but registration is required.

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A DAC Tutorial: “An Introduction to the Accellera Portable Stimulus Standard”

Monday, June 19th
Austin Convention Center Room 18CD

This tutorial is an introduction to the upcoming standard, starting with background on the intended scope and defining goals. The main concepts behind the standard will be reviewed, including the key semantics underlying the model formats. Portable stimulus is not intended as a replacement for the UVM standard, but rather as a complement to it. The tutorial provides guidance on when and where the new methodology can be applied for maximum benefit on a chip project.

Registration with the Design Automation Conference is required to attend the tutorial. Find out more about the tutorial here.

Multi-Language Verification Working Group Birds-of-a-Feather

Tuesday, June 20th
3:00pm – 4:00pm
Austin Convention Center, Room 9C

The Multi-Language Verification Working Group has been working towards a standard to simplify verification scenarios that involve integrating DV code that has been written in different frameworks. During the Birds-of-a-Feather session we will discuss the architecture of the overall solution as well as the beginnings of the reference implementation. Join us to learn more about this evolving standard and to connect with colleagues interested in its development.

The meeting is free for DAC attendees, but registration is required.

Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard (UCIS) Birds-of-a-Feather

Tuesday, June 20th
1:00pm – 2:00pm
Austin Convention Center, Room 9C

The UCIS Working Group invites you to join a meeting at DAC for an open discussion on coverage closure challenges such as exclusions, waivers, and efficient ways to track coverage during the life cycle of project. Coverage from formal verification and supporting UCDB generation for code coverage and functional coverage on emulation platforms, including UCIS XML-based flow for merging coverage data across vendors, will be addressed. We will also look at how to refine UCIS to enable seamless merging of code coverage and functional coverage data via a common coverage database model.

The meeting is free for DAC attendees, but registration is required.

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